Where's Margie's Money?

Gloomy Friday

The weather outside today is super gloomy.  I’ve heard the rest of the country is really warm but for some reason Southern California has not gotten the message.  So much rain lately!  And, apparently, there’s more on the way this weekend.  Boo.

So it’s been over a week since my last post.  Since when did life start moving at such lightening speed?  I guess ever since I became a mom.  My daughter started crawling a week ago (last Friday) and she’s pulling herself up to a stand.  It’s super cute to watch her grin at me after she successfully stood up.  She’s such a joy!  I love being a mom.

So, the update on my monthly budget is that I need to another paycheck! I shake my fist in the general direction of Target . . . and in the general direction of my grocery store.  I need to figure out what I can do next month to reduce those expenses.  I have a few ideas . . . stop going in!

I had a few successful moments when I was urged to splurge on spring clothes for my little one . . . but then my parents and sister came to the rescue. On Wednesday the folks brought over a big bag of clothes they had picked up for her on sale at the Navy Exchange.  This week my sis sent an Easter outfit in the mail for her.  Lucky girl now has a ton of cute outfits and my urge to drop $25 on a romper at Baby Gap (and that’s the SALE price) is gone. 

Last week I met with a financial advisor and she helped me sort out some questions I had.  We are opening a college savings account for the little one – even though it’s just a small monthly contribution right now, it’s better than nothing!  The way that tuition is going up and up – even at public universities – I doubt we’ll ever be able to provide a full ride, but if I can help reduce the burden of loans in any way it will be worth it!

I have so much I want to accomplish this weekend: cleaning/organizing, baking, exercise . . .

Happy weekend, all!


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