Where's Margie's Money?

Doing it

Random photo of my shoes today.

I promised myself that I would make the time to blog again before the end of the week.  I find that I think a lot about topics to blog about but when it comes to actually doing it – I totally fail.  I guess it’s better to just sit down and write, especially if the alternative is not doing it at all!

So this has been an interesting week in the world of mommy-hood.  I’m leaving early from work today to take Pumpkin to the doctor.  She has a lingering cough that just won’t go away and I want to get the doc’s advice on a few issues.  First, should I be concerned that Pumpkin is 6.5 months old and not rolling over? (She seems determined to skip rolling/crawling entirely as she can now sit unsupported and can easily pull up to her knees . . . even tries to pull herself to a standing position).  Second, I know it’s normal to have stranger anxiety at this age, but there are people that she has interacted with on a daily basis for 2 months and she still cries.  What’s going on here, hmmm?

In other baby news, I’m contemplating whether or not I should try sleep training (again).  I tried for a few days when Pumpkin was just 4 months old but I gave in to her cries.  Two months later, she wakes frequently at night to nurse and it takes at least 40 minutes to rock her to sleep in the evenings.  I can’t decide if it’s better to continue with what we are doing (a combo of crib sleeping and co-sleeping – she comes to our bed after her first wake-up) or if getting her to sleep through the night in her own bed is worth the initial pain.  I’ve read so many sleep-related books and know by heart each side’s argument.  I almost have TOO much information – I feel so torn as to what to do.  I don’t really need/want advice (I’ve already received a TON of it) – I’m just putting it out there what I’m going through right now.  I’ll likely also discuss this with her doctor this afternoon.

Okay – what’s up with my money this week?  Well, I did pretty good although I did treat myself to coffee three times (once was a latte, other two times just a simple cup of jo).  I need to pull back on that next week and brew my own tea at my desk (hot water = free).

I am currently wishing that I owned/could buy a Kindle but, seriously, who am I kidding?  I don’t have time to read anymore (unless it’s one of those aforementioned baby books).

I’ve also spent a lot of time contemplating what it would be like to reduce my hours to part-time. . . 30-ish hours per week.  I’m not sure that’s viable right now, but by the time Pumpkin gets to Kindergarten that is definitely a goal.

Goals for this weekend:

  • Meal plan for the week and go grocery shopping
  • Clean kitchen and mop the floor
  • Organize one spot of the apartment (the corner of the dining room or the ottoman “storage” area in the living room or something in our bedroom).
  • Relax, relax and relax

Have a good one!



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