Where's Margie's Money?

July Spending/Goal Recap

This post has been on my mind for the last week but I’ve been flat-out lazy.  But one week late is better than never, right??

Gas: $98.38 (under budget by $52!! – I have no idea what happened here.  I guess I drove a whole lot less this month but it didn’t seem like it. At any rate, I’m not complaining!)

Groceries: $392.97 (over budget by $142 – definitely down from my all time high in June but still not happy with this – I can tell that I haven’t really been trying in this area.)

Dining Out: $133.46  (over budget by $83.46 – the most I have spent on eating out since I began budgeting.  I totally failed on bringing lunches to work and would skip on down to my work’s convenience store for snacks almost every day.)

Clothing: $54.32 (on budget)

Home and Cleaning Supplies: $57 (did not budget for this . . . bought some small storage and organizing containers for the baby’s room!)

Yoga Classes: $75 (over budget by $45 but don’t regret this at all – prenatal yoga has been amazing for my physical and mental health throughout this pregnancy!)

Movies/Music: $8.96 (on budget – Netflix and 1 app for my phone)

Gifts: $0

Donations: $5 (on budget)

Salon/Beauty Supplies: $53.95 (pedicure and haircut – under budget as I had planned to get my hair touched up as well but decided to hold off until August)

Pets: $304.21 (yikes, this one seriously threw me off budget but Kona is all set for the rest of the year!)

Electronics: $0

Misc Personal Spending: $0

Total paid toward credit card debt: $278

July 2011 Goals:

  • Clean out/organize purse and wallet – Semi Fail – I cleaned out my wallet and switched to a larger one that I have with more pockets, but didn’t get around to my purse.
  • Knock at least 3 items off of my 52 Tasks in 52 weeks list – Success!  I actually accomplished 5 things which I blame on my urge to nest.  I finally got around to printing and framing some of our wedding and engagement photos, we cleaned the carpets in our apartment, I cleaned out and washed the fridge AND the freezer, and hung up the fancy frame we had used at our wedding as a chalk board menu in the baby’s room (decided not to replace the chalkboard with a mirror as my original goal stated – it’s way too cute as is!)
  • Walk 30 minutes 3x a week and do yoga (via class or video) 1x a week. – Semi Fail – I did great on the yoga going 2x a week but failed on the walking
  • Put the finishing decorative touches on the nursery. Success!  All we need now is a cute little baby to put in there!  It looks amazing!
  • Pack my hospital bag. Success! It’s ready to go!
  • Cook 5-10 meals to put in the freezer for when baby gets here and I’m too tired make anything other than cereal. Fail – I made four meals and bought some freezer meals.
  • Rearrange the furniture in our bedroom and set up bassinet/changing area. Success! 
  • Clean/organize my office at work, catch up on filing, etc. Success!
  • DO NOT GO INTO LABOR AT WORK. (Okay, not like I have much control over this but seriously, how bad would that suck?!) Success!  I did not go into labor at work.  Whew!


  • Brown bag my lunch to work four out of five days of the week minimum. TOTAL. FAIL.
  • Deposit $500 into joint savings TOTAL. FAIL. Didn’t deposit a dime.
  • Meal plan each week and stay under $300 grocery budget  Fail.
  • Pay off second credit card (about $50 remaining after making July payment) Fail but I did this as soon as I got paid in August –  yay!

Overall thoughts on the last month . . .

I really failed on my financial goals this month.  It’s as if I lost complete focus.  I wish I could blame it on being 8 months pregnant but that’s not a really good excuse.  The vet bill caught me off guard and I’ve decided to start contributing a small amount each month into a pet savings fund so that won’t happen again.  That was the primary reason why I didn’t make my savings goals but I also have to blame myself and the choices I made when it came to eating out so often. This was a record-breaking month for eating out and looking at my budget it was ALL small purchases – a few bucks here, a few bucks there.  Basically, I’m frittering away my money.

The positives came with my personal goals and I’m glad I met most of those . . . but in a way I didn’t have a choice!  A lot of that stuff HAD to get done! 

August is going to be a strange month since I’ll be home from work with a baby. . . but I’m hoping that it will be good to me financially.  Staying home with a little one means that I can’t drop $2-5/day on snacks at the work convenience store!  It means I won’t be driving 22 miles a day to work and back.  It means I won’t be buying much stuff for ME since I’ll be so busy tending to the needs of another!

So, I have high hopes for August.  We’ll see what happens!


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