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Sunday Morning Musings

I love Sunday mornings . . . For some reason, my internal alarm clock won’t let me sleep in, even on the weekends.  But for some reason, it’s SO much easier to jump out of bed when you know you don’t have to head to work.

As of tomorrow I will be 36 weeks pregnant.  Things I’m noticing about myself:

  • I walk EXTREMELY slowly.  DH used to joke that my Native American name should be “Walks with Purpose” because I was always such a fast paced “woman on a mission” when I was out and about!  But these days?  I walk/waddle at the pace of a snail! 
  • Sleeping has become more of a problem.  Gone are the days of the 1st and 2nd trimester when I slept with ease.  Lately, even rolling over has become a major production – something that I have to do every two hours or so because lying on my left/right sides are my only options at this point and my joints get sore from the weight of my body on them.  I can not wait to get back to stomach sleeping!!!
  • I’ve experienced some swelling of my hands/feet but it’s not monsterous.
  • I’m totally sick of my maternity wardrobe.  It’s like I’m doing the Minimalist Fashion Challenge 333 but not by choice . . . and I certainly don’t have 33 pieces of maternity wear (because who wants to buy clothes you KNOW you will only wear for 9 months – if that?). On the bright side, I can’t wait to become reacquainted with all my old clothes – my beautiful pencil skirts and blouses, my old jeans, sweaters, t-shirts, and dresses!  Please, Goddess, let me fit in them again!
  • I am surprised by how freaking excited I was to be gifted a Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bag by my mom. (So durable! Such great design!  Looks like a purse but it doubles as a diaper bag! So many pockets for bottles and wipes!!)  This must be a sign that I’m officially over on the dark side of Mommy land. I’ve asked my child-less friends to monitor me and if I start scrapbooking, posting copious amounts of photos of the baby on Facebook, or telling them about my baby’s bowel movements they must slap me…HARD.
  • I’m still not completely prepared mentally for this baby.  I know, logically, that she could be here very soon. . . but it still hasn’t totally hit me.  It feels like I’m suspended in this “I’ll always be pregnant” state and the fact that the end is truly very near . . .  yeah, that reality hasn’t set in yet.

An out of the ordinary thing happened yesterday – the neighbor who lives in front of us had some friends over.  She introduced them to us and said they were thinking of renting the unit next door and were wondering if they could peek in our place to see the set up.  Of course we said sure, no problem.  I keep the place tidy in general so I wasn’t embarrassed to let them in without notice.  But as they were walking around I experienced that strange feeling people must get when they have their house up for sale and people are walking through and making comments about it RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU.  I could tell the couple thought the place was too small (and yeah, it is – I can’t argue with that) and needed some maintenance (yup, can’t argue there either – our landlady is elderly and doesn’t do much upkeep so we just sort of make do with the trade-off that she has never once raised rent on us and our lease is month-to-month). But it’s still weird to see people look at your place and be all judgey about it!  I wanted to shoo them away.  It left me with a strange feeling that lingered after the left.  A feeling of inadequacy or something.  But I know I shouldn’t let complete strangers make me feel that way!  Our place certainly isn’t perfect and there are things I would change if I could, but it’s working for us right now and that’s all that matters…

So . . . I’m going to get on with this lovely Sunday!  My niece (16) and nephew (15)  are coming over and we’re taking them to the beach. DH got them surf lessons (they live in Utah so this is part of their summer vacation). We’re also meeting my parents and some friends down there.  I can’t wait to get out and enjoy a little sun and sand. 

Happy sunday, everyone!








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  1. * Lane says:

    LOL you are too funny, Walks with Purpose!

    Reminds me of the “bump updates” at BloggingAwayDebt: http://www.bloggingawaydebt.com/category/bump-update — I’m sure you’ll be able to relate to them better than I can.

    | Reply Posted 7 years, 9 months ago
  2. * moralia says:

    36 weeks… Sooo close now!! I was always so impatient at the end of my pregnancies! Counted minutes & seconds I swear!! lol! *LOVE* the “diaper bag”, if you can even call it that! Wow! lol! Lucky you! 🙂

    | Reply Posted 7 years, 9 months ago

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