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4th of July Weekend Recap & My Computer Died – Sad Face!

 It was so nice to have a 3-day weekend even it it was hot as heck and I was sweating my tush off in our un-air-conditioned apartment.  My dad came to my rescue yesterday and brought me a box fan that he had in the garage.  I plugged that baby in and  “ahhhhh” – relief!!   I’ve been sleeping downstairs on the sofa these last few nights.  Even with the patio door open and our bedroom window open, the air feels humid and stagnant up there.  It doesn’t help that DH’s body temperature runs cold and he insists on sleeping with a down comforter. Yes, the man sleeps with a down comforter IN THE MIDDLE OF SUMMER.  If he could have the electric blanket on as well he would but I took that off the bed a few weeks ago!  My friends, these are not optimal sleep conditions for a woman now in her 35th week of pregnancy! 

We spent Saturday at a baby class (our last one – yes!) and then had dinner with my folks.  Sunday we drove up to the OC to see our friends’ new baby girl – only 4 days old!  The mom is now a second-time mom and I was so impressed with her energy level!  To date, all the new moms I know have been completely zonked at a week or two out from birth as they adjust to life at home with baby.  Oh my gosh, not my friend M!  Even with a 4-year-old she was doing great.  She has earned super-mom status in my book.

And then yesterday, 4th of July, we were kind of big losers for not doing anything.  I was tired and it was hot  . . . even moving seemed to require loads of energy that I just didn’t have!  I did get out of the house to do the week’s grocery shopping . . . and I swung by Target and Michael’s to pick up a few things for the nursery . . . but other than that I was home all day.  DH and I worked on adding a few more touches to the baby’s room.  I’ll update with additional cost break downs and photos later this week . . . if possible.

Because here’s my bad news of the day – my personal lap top computer at home died!!  I somehow managed to click on some malware that downloaded itself into my computer – it won’t let me access ANY of my files.  The only thing I can do at this point is access the Internet.  But I don’t want to visit any password protected sites (like e-mail, wordpress, my bank, etc.) because I’m scared the malware is tracking everything! 

I’ve tried to sweep the computer using anti-virus/spyware software but nothing has helped.  I got quotes from an independent computer guy and Best Buy’s Geek Squad and both quotes were in the $225 – $300 range – with no guarantee that I’ll recover my old files.  So. Sad. 

Considering that my lap top cost only $400 . . .it seems ridiculous to spend that much on fixing it.  So, I don’t know what to do.  I don’t have the funds right now to fix it OR buy a replacement unless I use the cash I was planning on putting into our joint savings.  Considering that I didn’t contribute to savings last month, I really wanted to do it this month.

I think I could go a few weeks without a personal computer – it’s not like I use it for much other than entertainment purposes. I can access email and stuff like that from home via my iPhone. 

From a PF stand point, I wish that I had money stashed away for moments like this.  I don’t think this constitutes “emergency” status since my laptop is purely for entertainment purposes (and SOMETIMES working from home).  But if I had money stashed into a miscellaneous “slush fund” that would solve all my problems. 

Sad face.

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  1. * Lane says:

    35 weeks! You need all the great quality sleep you can get 😀

    Which spyware software have you used so far? I would try Malware Bytes, too. That usually takes care of any malware I catch. Hold off on using Geek Squad or paying for a new laptop — I can help you remotely if needed.

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 1 month ago

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