Where's Margie's Money?

June Spending/Goal Recap

I know I say something like this every month, but seriously?  How can it already be July!?

Ugh, I’m not looking forward to this monthly recap – I went WAY over budget on a few items. 😦

Gas: $149.36 (under budget by $20.64 – I attribute this to the lower prices this month at the pump)

Groceries: $465.31 (over budget by $165.31 and an increase of nearly 36 percent over last month!!  Seriously, I was OUT OF CONTROL at the super market.  I attribute this directly to the fact that I didn’t do any meal planning this month.  Major FAIL.)

Dining Out: $115.77 (over budget by $15.77)

Clothing: $33.92 (under budget by $66.08)

Home and Cleaning Supplies: $20.53 (did not budget for this . . . and now I can’t remember what I bought!)

Yoga Classes: $30 (under budget by $30)

Exercise Equipment: $21.39 (did not budget for this . . . bought an exercise/”birth” ball)

Chiropractor: $45 (another “did not budget for this” and I could write an entry on this alone._

Movies/Music: $7.99 (on budget)

Gifts: $123.59 (over budget by $48.59 – forgot to include my stepsister’s b-day in the budget)

Donations: $5 (on budget)

Vacation/Travel: $102.38 (over budget by $27.38 – this was for my weekend trip to Seattle)

Salon/Beauty Supplies: $30 (under budget by $30 – and also one of the worst pedicure experiences of my life)

Pets: $55.67 (under budget by $14.33)

Electronics: $23.37 (did not budget for this – needed a new cell phone charger for my car.)

Misc Personal Spending: $232.73 (on budget – bridesmaid dress)

Total paid toward debt: $475

June 2011 Goals


  • Clean out/organize purse and wallet. FAIL.  Moving this one to July!
  • Knock at least 3 items off of my 52 Tasks in 52 weeks list.  SUCCESS!  Deep cleaned the bathroom, organized the 2nd bedroom closet, and found a better and more organized location for our linens.
  • Walk 30 minutes 3x a week and do yoga (via class or video) 1x a week. PASS – I walked the dog on average 5 x a week but not always for a full 30 minutes.  Definitely met the yoga goal of 1x per week.
  • Paint the nursery (actually, supervise DH painting the nursery) SUCCESS!  And it looks fab!
  • Purchase bridesmaid dress SUCCESS!  And I got it $15 off thanks to a summer sale that was going on. 


  • Brown bag my lunch to work four out of five days of the week minimum. SUCCESS!
  • Deposit $500 into joint savings FAIL.  I didn’t deposit anything this month. 😦
  • Meal plan each week and stay under $300 grocery budget. TOTAL FAIL.
  • Start a gift savings fund for DH’s  birthday  – the big 4-0 hits him next February and I want to buy him an iPad! SUCCESS! Set aside $70 this month.
  • Stretch goal – pay off second credit card (already made a payment of $340 this month, $107.58 currently remaining) FAIL.  I wasn’t able to make it happen.  Sad.

Overall thoughts on the last month . . .

I made big progress on paying down my debt which felt really great even if I didn’t pay off my Capital One card as I had hoped I might. 

I now recognize and see how very important meal planning is.  Sometimes it feels like such a big pain to sit down and think about what we should eat during the week, make a grocery list, browse sales ads and coupons to see where the deals are, and then spend a few hours over the weekend shopping . . . but it clearly makes a difference! 

I’m disappointed that I wasn’t able to contribute anything to savings (other than the $70 for DH’s birthday fund) but I’m hoping to get back on track in July.

Personally, I’m continuing to feel very healthy.  Aches and pains are minimal and expected at this stage in my pregnancy.  I’m relieved to see the baby’s room come together and look forward to decorating it in July!


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