Where's Margie's Money?

Putting Together Our Nursery

This weekend was ALL about baby!  I mean, seriously, every waking moment was pretty much dedicated to either preparing for labor (via an 8 hour “Prepared Childbirth Class” – we go back for session 2 next Saturday) or putting together the nursery.

The class was really good – I’m glad that we paid the $98 to go. The instructor – who also moonlights as a doula – was extremely informative.  She went through the various phases of labor and what to expect and do during each one.  We learned some great breathing techniques to help ease pain and anxiety as well as some positions to get into.  She also showed two videos – one of a woman giving birth naturally (without the aid of any drugs or interventions) and another who went the epidural route.  We learned the pros and cons of each (and although you could tell the instructor was slightly biased to giving birth naturally she wasn’t overbearing about it) and all I have to say is . . . sometimes ignorance is bliss!  I’m glad for all the info and I feel more prepared . . . but at the same time nervous!  I’m still on the “doing it natural” bandwagon although definitely have some nervousness about it.  I think I’m most worried that it’s going to end up being a drawn out labor and that I won’t be strong enough to handle the pain.  But I’m sure that’s a typical fear.  Oh yeah, and I’m also worried about pooping on the table.  :-/

Sunday, was all about putting together the nursery!  DH painted (and even though I wasn’t SUPPOSED to I helped a little) and then put together the IKEA furniture we bought Saturday night.

Here’s the final result (minus any wall decorations) – please excuse crappy lighting:

Crib (from Amazon.com), 4-cube bookcase (from IKEA), and wire shelf (owned previously), bouncy chair (from consignment shop)

Dresser (IKEA),changing table (hand-me-down from friends), backpacking baby carrier (hand-me-down from friends – I have no idea if we’ll actually ever use this), miscellaneous items including diapers, wipes, and a graco pac-n-play stashed next to bookcase (various sources)

I had to show this view of the room . . . DH’s “meager” quiver of surfboards.  Unfortunately this doesn’t include several not pictured that are hanging (yes HANGING) from the ceiling because there isn’t enough space in the nook or they are too tall to stand up in the room! We live in a 2 bedroom and this room used to be DH’s “man cave.”  It was full of his “stuff” and he got rid of 90 percent of it but of course the surfboards remain.  They are his life (other than me and baby of course).

Final picture:

Cute little baby clothes, socks, hats and mitts – all folded up nice and neat thanks to $6 storage container set from IKEA.  This is my favorite. 🙂

I’ll post more photos when all of the decorations and a wall shelf we purchased are up on the wall. We’re hoping to get to that this weekend.

How much has this room cost us?  Just thinking about the big-ticket items (and these are not exact numbers but approximate based on my memory – too lazy to find look this up!):

Crib: $250

Changing table: Free (donated by friend who no longer needed it)

Ikea bookcase: $40

Ikea dresser: $90

Brown wire shelf: Bought this a long long time ago when DH and I first moved in together – was previously in our storage closet holding linens.

Paint and painting supplies: $40

Curtains and curtain rod: $40

Total: $460

Of course this doesn’t include the other baby-related items we bought on our recent shopping trip, the car seat and bases, the bassinet, linens . . . and the items I’m still considering getting (like a glider/rocking chair).  Overall, DH and I estimate that out-of-pocket expenses related to welcoming home our little one will be close to the $1,200 – $1,500 range. 

In my opinion, this isn’t bad at all.  Could I have done without some of these things?  Absolutely!  There is no question about it – I definitely could have been more frugal.  For instance, in the second photo you can see the pink changing pad cover on the changing table I bought for about $15.  The pad itself is a waterproof plastic material so the cover is completely and TOTALLY unnecessary . . . buuuuuut . . . it’s SUPER cute and so soft! Yes, it will get peed and pooped on.  And yes while I am washing it I will wonder what I was thinking . . . but  I think sometimes you just have to let things slide by – it’s my first (and maybe only) baby and while I haven’t gone nuts (this nursery is certainly not anything out of a Pottery Barn catalog) a few splurges have made me really happy.  I LOVE going into this room now.  We keep the door shut most of the time to keep the animals out – so about once or twice a day I’ve been peeking into get a good glimpse.  ::SQUEEE!::

My good friend M who’s estimated due date was exactly one month ahead of mine (July 8) had her baby last night!  Early!! I’m so excited for our little girls to get to know one another . . . but this is a big reminder to me that Baby A will be here VERY soon. I’m just 5.5 weeks away from MY due date!  Yowzers!!

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