Where's Margie's Money?

A Tribute to My Dad

 I love my dad so much and in just a few hours I’ll be heading over to his house to spend the day with him.

Things I love about my dad:

His quirky and dry sense of humor – the things that come out of his mouth sometimes!  He cracks me up!

He’s so reliable – a man of habit for sure.  As a kid (and as an adult) I have never questioned whether or not he’d show up to something when he said he would. 

He’s financially savvy and incredibly frugal!  Why or why didn’t I listen to dear ole dad’s advice when I was in college and got myself into the mess that I did? To his credit, he tried to help me out once and when I screwed it up yet again he said I was on my own.  Tough love . . . but I needed it.

It’s cute how technically un-savvy he is.  He recently bought an iPod Touch and it seriously confounds him . . . yet he loves it for playing soduko!

Family values and tradition are extremely important to him.  He’s the one in our extended family that keeps everyone together.  In fact, he spent years researching our family genealogy and is the first one to suggest another reunion.

My favorite memories from childhood include my dad: learning how to ride my bike ( thinking that he was holding on to the back only to realize a hundred yards later that he had let go and I was doing it by myself!), reading books together in his arm chair every evening after he got home from work, attending a “Dad and Me” girl scouts event and winning the marshmallow contest (which included me shoving lots of marshmallows into his mouth until he couldn’t say “Fuzzy Bunny” anymore), camping trips and road trips to see my grandparents . . . Dad is a great dad.  I love him so much.  I see so many of his qualities in DH, which is almost certainly why I fell in love with him and married him.  On my journey into motherhood, I hope that I will be able to pass on many of his traits and values to my child/ren.

Love you, Dad!!

(Photo credit: my friend N! This is a real photo of me and Dad at my wedding . . . I guess I decided not to be quite as anonymous anymore.)


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