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Happy Friday: Father’s Day Edition

Yeah, we did it!  We made it to Friday! 

To start, I thought I’d just direct your attention to a new tab at the top of my blog: “Blogs I love” . . . I FINALLY created a blog role of not only the personal finance blogs I read but the ones related to fashion, crafting, parenting, etc.  I love new recommendations for blogs so if you have one for me, send it along!  And if you’d like me to add you to my blogroll just send me a message and I’ll definitely consider it! 

I really wish I could say that I have a relaxing weekend ahead of me but that’s really not the case. 😦

Tonight after work I’m baking a cake!  I have a bunch of over-ripe bananas and decided to make a banana cake with cream cheese frosting (fun fact: my wedding cake was also a banana cake only with chocolate mousse frosting – SO GOOD). I’ll bake tonight and frost tomorrow. 🙂

Tomorrow, I’m visiting Triplet Mom which involves about a 90 minute drive each way.  She’s preparing to move to Texas in August because of her husband’s job so this may be one of the last – if not THE last – time we get to visit for awhile!  I’m excited to see the babies and how much they’ve grown/developed since I last saw them at the end of April.  I’m also actually hoping to be able to help with a feeding/diaper changing as well.  I want all the practice I can get!  We’re also planning on grabbing lunch (sans triplets) and doing a little “shopping” (and by shopping I mean of the window variety) in the cute old town district near her mom’s house.

Sunday, DH and I (and Kona the Dog) are going over to my dad’s house for Father’s Day.  I’m making everyone brunch and I’m not certain of the menu yet but leaning towards omelettes, blueberry muffins (a family favorite), and fruit salad.  Then, after ample time to digest, we’re headed over to the Navy Exchange to pick up some baby/house stuff.  I have a list of things I’m looking to pick up like.  We’ll be spending out of our Baby Savings account so this trip doesn’t impact my monthly budget.

But speaking of my monthly budget – things are looking tight and I really need to slow things down a bit considering I still need to make it through another two weeks until payday.  I underestimated my gift giving budget this month and have gone over ($15 for a group gift that was work related, $25 for my stepsister’s birthday, $25 for my dad for Father’s Day, and $50 for DH for Father’s Day . . . I know, he’s technically not a dad yet but he will be soon!  And he got me a lovely set of maternity pajamas that I wear almost every night for Mother’s Day so I wanted to return the sentiment/appreciation). 

However, I’m super excited because I had the opportunity to purchase a used Medela Pump In Style breast pump for $80 from a co-worker who had a baby about a year ago. It retails new for about $260 so this was quite the deal even if I have to buy replacement parts  (basically replacing anything that the milk goes through such as the tubes) that I estimate will cost another $80. She says she only used it a few times because she ended up not enjoying the breast-feeding process and switched her son to formula.  So I’m hoping the pump will last me awhile – I’d like to be able to provide my daughter with breast milk after I go back to work and until she’s a year old. 

(And just as a note, I’m aware of the FDA’s warning against using used-breast pumps – which is why I bought my pump from someone I know and trust personally, am replacing all of the “detachable” parts and sterilizing the machine as shown in this video. 🙂 )

This weekend I’d really like to get back on the ball with meal planning for next week.  This has been a big challenge for me because each weekend we’ve been on the go and I haven’t had a chance to do one big grocery shopping trip.  If we get home early enough on Sunday – I’d love to make this happen!

That’s all for me this week!  Happy Weekend!


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