Where's Margie's Money?

Catching up!

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I know I haven’t updated much in the last couple of weeks.  Life has just been so hectic lately.  I can’t believe I only have 7.5 weeks to go until my estimated due date.  I feel like I still have so much to do to prepare (both mentally and then in terms of getting our house/nursery in order) that I just walk around feeling overwhelmed most of the time.  Not to mention that physically I’m slowing down.  These days all I really want to do is rest and nap during my down time!

Over the weekend I went on a super short trip to Seattle/Tacoma.  Traveling whilst 7 months pregnant probably is exhausting in general but on top of that it was a family trip with my mom and her side of the family . . . so there were layers of other things going on that required mental fortitude in addition to just the physical strength required to be “on” for three days – two of which were spent almost entirely in airports thanks to flight delays.

I collapsed into bed Sunday night and slept like a rock.  I’m so grateful to be home.  It’s pretty sad when you are actually happy to be at work rather than on vacation. I’m glad I went because it gave me the opportunity to reconnect with my cousins and my aunt – whom I haven’t seen for years and years . . . but on the other hand, I underestimated how much energy it would take.

I originally budgeted $75 in incidentals for the trip but didn’t anticipate a few things so I went slightly over:

$15 – Taxi fare plus tip to go from Mom’s house to airport

$5 – Tip for helpful airport employee who pushed Mom’s wheelchair through security and to our gate.

$5.76 – Starbucks – tea and oatmeal (breakfast)

$48.84 – Lunch in SFO airport during layover (ate at a restaurant . . . mom ordered wine so it was a little more than I had hoped to spend)

$6.50 – Lunch on Saturday between the two commencement ceremonies

$2.75 – Hot chocolate

$18.53- rental car related fees

Total: $102.38

Other than the expensive lunch and the extra rental car fees, I’m not too disappointed with how I did.  I’m definitely looking forward to traveling back to the Seattle/Tacoma area – it was my first time up there and it was so green and lush!  Absolutely beautiful!! 

In other news, I’m so behind in meal planning.  This month has definitely gone out the window what with DH’s friend staying with us for a week and then my trip to the PNW. I’m trying to keep grocery spending under control but I just dropped $100 yesterday at Albertson’s.  Ouch.

So, I’m really going to try hard to get back into the swing of things with writing. I really need this blog and I need all of you to inspire and motivate me – I don’t want to lose momentum on my goals or lose sight of what’s at stake – Financial peace and stability for me and my family.


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