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Consignment Shopping

Yesterday I hung out with my friend M who is 8 months pregnant and due exactly one month to the day before I am.  We were having lunch at a place near my house with our husbands and her 4-year-old daughter when we happened to notice a consignment shop tucked into the corner of the shopping center.  After eating we left the men to their beers and checked it out. 

So far I’ve found that a lot of consignment/used shops in my area aren’t worth going to – either the prices are too high that you might as well spend a few bucks more and get it new or you have to search through a ton of junk to find the gems.  But this shop is a jewel!  The displays and racks of clothes were extremely organized . . . and I found a bunch of useful items at great deals.  I just had to swoop them up before they were gone! 

I bought (please forgive my crappy iPhone photos):

Fisher-Price Rainforest Bouncer in perfect condition (just needs batteries) for $16.99.  On Amazon.com it retails for $44.54 plus shipping and Target has it for $49.99.  Such a great deal, I saved at least $27.

On the left is a contoured changing pad for our changing table ($7.99) and on the right is a Baby Delight Snuggle Nest ($12.99). The Snuggle Nest is for co-sleeping . . . you put this in the bed between you and your partner, the hard protective walls prevent you from rolling over on the baby while also preventing the baby from getting stuck between pillows.) This appears to be an older model because it doesn’t have a built-in night-light or play “lullaby/womb sounds”.  The new model is going for $35.79 plus shipping on Amazon.com (a savings of at least $22.80).  As for the changing pad, similar pads are selling from $15 to $20 on Amazon.com (plus shipping) and $20 at Target so we saved at least 50 percent on this item.

However, I do have to fess up that I wasn’t planning on purchasing a co-sleeper.  We have the bassinet that will be in our room and I still plan to use that at night.  But M suggested that we get this – she had one for her first baby and said she found it great for those night when her baby was particularly fussy and needed to be close to Mom/Dad.  I can see it also coming in handy for napping either on the sofa or the bed with me during the day – I’m hoping to get a lot of naps in!

I picked up a baby bath sling for $5.99 which turned out to be not that much of a deal ($6.99 plus shipping at Amazon.com) but I bought it to fit into the Flexibath Infant Bath Tub I just purchased on sale from Zulily (I love this product because it folds up flat – a big deal for us because our bathroom is the size of a small closet) and can be used longer than the bulky plastic molded infant bathtubs.  This sling will sit inside the tub for the first few months until Baby has the muscle tone to sit up! So on the sling I saved just a buck plus shipping – but hey, that’s a dollar and change that I can spend on something else!

The last few items I bought I will admit were completely unnecessary but such great deals I could resist!  At the top of the photo (the green fabric) is a nursing cover up. I have been on the fence about getting one of these.  On one hand, I figured that if I had to nurse in public I could cover up using a blanket or shawl.  But on the other hand, I thought that having something that ties around the neck and  bows out on the top so you can peek down and see how baby is doing while still being discreet would be a major benefit.  So, when I saw the cover and it was only $12.99 I decided to get it.  Depending on the brand these sell for $30-45!  Doesn’t that seem like a lot for just a piece of fabric with a strap? Unfortunately the tag is cut on the one I bought so it’s hard to compare exactly, but I definitely saved at least $17 . . . and I probably wouldn’t have bought one at full price because they seem so expensive for what they are!

The three outfits are name brand.  From left to right they are a Osh Kosh onesie ($2.99), a Baby Naartjie romper ($4.99), and a Baby Gap dress ($6.99) – all in perfect condition!  I definitely had to resist buying more outfits.  Thanks to M who warned me that buying a lot of 0-3 month items is a waste since they grow out of them so quickly . . . and we expect we’ll still be gifted more clothes.  But goodness there was some really cute stuff!

Total spent, including tax, was $78.21.  Total saved I estimate to be approx. $75 not including shipping costs.  This purchase will come out of our baby savings fund so this doesn’t impact my monthly budget or the $50 challenge I’m currently sticking to until the end of the month.  I’m very pleased with these items . . . and proud of myself for buying used.  This is probably not something I would have done a year ago because I would have thought new is better.  Of course, I plan to wash anything and everything that is fabric and removable (especially the co-sleeper and bouncy seat) but other than that, I can’t complain! I’ll definitely be back before our trip to the exchange next month to see if they have any more new inventory!


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  1. Good post the shop is really good with many of the things which has the latest trend of the babies well being which has the many item of the young one i must also visit.

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 2 months ago
  2. * Sarah says:

    That bouncer was my lifesaver when my son was an infant!

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 2 months ago
  3. I’ve never been to a consignment shop before. My mom went to one two weeks ago and came home with 4 suits for $100. I thought that was a MAJOR score since they looked GOOD. I might need to find one for myself since I need some interview suits myself.

    | Reply Posted 9 years, 2 months ago

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