Where's Margie's Money?

What I learned . . . AND IT’S ALMOST THE WEEKEND!! YEAH!!

I feel like this week has been part of some baby prep boot camp!  Wednesday night, DH and I toured labor and delivery.  And then yesterday I took two classes, one on baby care basics (DH went with me) and one on breastfeeding (I gave DH a free pass on this figuring that there was no sense in him going – I’m the one with the boobs!  However I ended up being the only “single” girl there and I had a moment where I felt like an unwed mother … but then I got over it!  Most of the dads looked like they’d rather not be there either and were avoiding eye-contact with the plush singular boob at the front of the room).

I have to admit that I didn’t think I’d get much out of these classes since I’ve been reading a TON of baby books . . . but I did! I hope this doesn’t bore you all to tears, but it could help for when you become a mommy (or daddy!) in the future!

I learned:

  • That babies don’t just suck on the nipple but they take a good portion of your boob into their mouth so that the nipple is actually as far down as the soft palate in the back of their mouths.  If they are sucking on  just the nip then you are cruisin’ for some serious boob pain apparently!
  • That women on average burn 300-500 calories a day by breastfeeding. Hello!  Sign me up!
  • That when introducing a bottle for the first time you should have your partner do it without you being in the same room.  Apparently babies can smell the mom and if they think they have the option of boob or bottle, most likely they will reject the bottle.
  • To avoid getting a flat head, flip the direction that baby lays in his/her crib every night (but always lay baby on his back!).  So if your crib is going east to west – put your baby’s head at the east end one night and at the west end the next night (I hope I explained that so it makes sense!).  BTW, the hubster is obsessed about our kid not having a pointy or flat head – he was really happy to learn about this little trick.
  • How to swaddle – I’ve seen diagrams but it helps to actually practice with a doll and have an instructor tell you if you did it right!
  • How to take care of the umbilical cord stub by cleaning it with a q-tip and rubbing alcohol (this dries it out so it falls off faster).
  • And so much more I could go on forever.  I will say that I’m glad we’re not having a boy – caring for a circumcision wound looks and sounds awful!  In fact I’d be hesitant to circumcise  at all even though DH says that if we have a boy it’s a for sure thing. 

I learned so much more but those are just the things that stand out in my mind. 

In other non-baby news . . . I’m SO ready for the 3-day weekend!!  My $50 challenge has so far gone well.  I’ve only spent $5.55 on postage this week.  I’m budgeting the remaining $44.45 as follows:

$20 on picnic lunch items for our beach day tomorrow.

$15 on grocery items for Tuesday

$7 on lunch today (I got home late because of the class and was too tired to pack anything)

That leave a few bucks of ” wiggle” room.  Saturday we’re meeting up with friends at the beach. Sunday we’re driving out to one of the Indian Reservations to go to a casino for buffet dinner.  Apparently if you sign up for their player’s card you get one free dinner (some good friends are going with us – they’ve already become “members” and rant and rave about this buffet as if it has been heaven-sent so looking forward to trying it out!).  Monday is a “down” day – I just want to relax around the house, make a grocery store run for just the essentials . . . and nap!  Sounds like bliss! 🙂

To my fellow Americans, have a great 3-day Memorial Day weekend. . . and to everyone else, happy Friday!!


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