Where's Margie's Money?

Meal Plan Monday

It’s clear that I’ve already blown my May grocery budget.  I’m starting to think that getting down to $250 is impossible for us.  I don’t know . . . at any rate, this week I challenged myself to use recipes based on ingredients that I already have to keep the damage under control! 

Monday – Baked Homemade Macaroni and Cheese with side salad (New recipe!  Using noodles and crackers I already have in the cupboard)

Tuesday – Stuffed Green Peppers with side salad (new recipe! Using black beans and rice I already have)

Wednesday – left overs from Monday and Tuesday or  Grilled Cheese/Tuna Melts (I can’t believe we haven’t gotten sick of these yet but I think we’re both addicted)

 Thursday – veggie pizza  (have some leftover sauce from when I made it last week to use up)

Friday – Take out

Total spent on groceries for the week: $26.16 at Smart & Final and $32.74 at Henry’s for a total of $58.90…but I forgot to swing by TJ’s for pizza dough . . . wonder if I could make pizza dough myself?  Hmmmm…..

Sort of related to meal planning is something I’ve been thinking about each week as I pack our weekday lunches:  We use a ton of plastic!  I’d really love to cut down on the number of sandwich baggies (at least four per person) we use.  I just love the blog Smiles Go With Everything because her weekly Bento Box Lunch posts look so good . . . and so environmentally friendly! I’m going to try to budget in two reusable lunch boxes into our budget for next month as well as bags to carry it in. In the meantime, I’ll try to use what Tupperware we have on hand for packing lunches to see how that works out – I’m hoping DH won’t throw them away!

Also, I used to be really great about taking reusable grocery bags to the store but over the last year have gotten SUPER lazy about it.  I’m going to step that up again!


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  1. * Serendipity says:

    I try to spend $260 for Rambo and I. Key word- try. I usually end up spending closer to $140-150 per two weeks and I feel bad about that, especially since there is only two of us. I keep on keeping on though. I think our shopping is very simialr, I frequent Trader Joes and Fresh And Easy.

    | Reply Posted 7 years ago

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