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The Seven Deadly Sins: Sloth


(Photo credit – how cute is this sloth?!)

It’s been over a month since I last revisited my Seven Deadly Sins meme – it’s about time that I post about my slothly ways!

Day 4: Sloth. Seven things you neglect to do.

1. Put away clean laundry!  I’m awful at this – I don’t know why this is my least favorite chore but it is.  I’d rather clean toilets then hang up/fold my clothes.  Some weeks I’m great and I do it right as it comes out of the laundry.  Other times I just dump the basket of clean clothes on my bed with the rational that I’ll get to it in a few hours . . . and then a few hours turn into a few days as I move the clean laundry from the bed to my bedside table . . . and EVENTUALLY, as the clothes are picked over and worn, I put the last few pieces away.  DH and I are responsible for our own laundry – he does his clothes, I do mine.  Of COURSE he is Mr. Perfect about putting his clothes away.  Sigh.

2. Changing the sheets on our bed.  I just read some cleaning tips in a book and one of them said you should change your sheets every week.  This used to be a rule in my parents house growing up but since moving out on my own I go at least three – sometimes four – without changing them.  I know, gross. 

3. Exercising – So I know I have a GREAT excuse right now because I’m pregnant . . . but now is exactly the time that I should be moving my body.  I do go to prenatal yoga twice a week for an hour but I’ve totally slacked on talking walks the other days.  Last year I completed a half-marathon as one of my goals for my 30th year.  It took a lot of training and motivation but I did it. And now?  I can barely get my butt of the sofa to take the dog for a walk.  I’m just. so. tired.  I feel slovenly and blah when I don’t go – and I can’t help but fixate on my weight gain (19 pounds so far) . . . you would think that would be a motivator, right? 

4. Hello, my name is Margie and I am a reality T.V. junkie.  From Real Housewives of Orange County to Survivor . . . Real World Las Vegas to Sister Wives . . . I watch a lot of crap t.v.  This stuff has absolutely no redeeming qualities but the trashier and more dramatic the characters are the more I’m sucked in. 

5. Shopping/Spending.  Well, I’ve TOTALLY brought down my spending a lot since I started this blog . . . and even before I started writing, when I was just reading other personal finance blogs and websites, I was starting to make changes.  However, I’m counting this as one of my seven slovenly ways because I’m still working my way out of the debt and every day I’m resisting the temptations. 

6. Fast food.  I consider myself a fairly healthy eater.  I enjoy cooking and baking for the most part and have always loved using fresh and wholesome ingredients.  BUT! I still crave greasy burgers with salty fries . . . and I indulge like an alcoholic sneaking a drink. I rarely eat this food in front of other people because I’m ashamed that I enjoy it so much!  It’s a guilty pleasure for sure.  I’d say about once a week I’ll go through the drive thru, scarf down the meal, and then hide the evidence as quickly as possible. 

7. My final slovenly habit to report today is one of DH’s biggest pet peeves – I leave hair “things” everywhere – bobby pins, rubber bands, head bands and clips.  I tend to take them out of my hair without even thinking about it and leave them wherever I might be – the bathroom or kitchen counter top, a side table next to the sofa, they even wind up on the floor!  As DH swears he’s throwing them away as he comes across them, so I’m trying to remember to put them back in their designated areas! 

So that’s it – my seven slovenly habits!

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