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Tuesday This and That

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It’s been almost a month since I’ve posted a random Tuesday This and That post!

Last night I used the Creamy Broccoli Soup recipe on Real Simple’s website.  Unfortunately, it didn’t turn out great and I definitely don’t recommend it.  Someone commented on the recipe page that it tasted like broccoli gruel and DH and I complete concur!  Maybe if I had added another potato it would have been more creamy . . . but another problem was a lack of seasoning.  I ended up using lots of salt and pepper to make it edible but it needed something else – not sure what.  We did eat a bowl each so it didn’t go to waste but the rest I disposed of.

Tonight I’m trying another new recipe and I’m hoping this one will be good – it’s hard to ruin a salad but you never know! 

Two weekends ago one of my very best friends moved to Las Vegas to pursue a new job opportunity with better pay and benefits.  Her live-in boyfriend of several years – who happens to also be a good friend although he’s closer to DH then he is to me (but we went to the same high school – he graduated in my older brother’s class) is now living with his mom temporarily until he can get his life in order to join her in LV.  But, I have a feeling that they aren’t going to make it as a couple.  Here’s a run down of his issues: unemployed as of the end of this month (he was just laid off), has two kids from a previous marriage that he pays child support for, lots of bills due to lawyers fees related to his divorce and custody issues with his ex, poor credit because the condo he owned with his ex was foreclosed on . . . I could go on.  Meanwhile, my friend M is desperately trying to build a life for herself.  She’s a very smart girl and has basically been shouldering most of these burdens herself.  I think moving to LV was a way for her to put some distance (literally and figuratively) between the two of them.  Last night she told me she’s very confused about the relationship and doesn’t know what to do.  I’m really rooting for her.  I like her boyfriend a  lot on a personal level and have known him for MANY years, but I do think he needs to figure things out before he can be a good boyfriend/husband.  She’s turning 30 this month and I know she wants to get married and POSSIBLY have kids in the near future.  She has big decisions ahead of her!  To be honest, it sounds like what I faced with my ex about 5 years ago now.  I was 26 and in a bad relationship – carrying all the weight, feeling isolated . . . whew! Glad I’m in such a better place now!

So, I’m officially in my third trimester now and I’m starting to feel it.  The count down is on – only 12 more weeks until my due date . . . although she could come early – or late!!  Goodness, I hope she’s not late. My stomach is already starting to feel really large.  I can’t imagine what it’ll look like in another three months.  I’ve been relatively symptom-free this entire time but I’m starting to feel weary earlier in the evening and my tummy makes it hard to sleep.  I feel like a beached whale rolling in and out of bed every night/morning!  The good news: so far no stretch marks (knock on wood!!).  Also good: minimal ankle swelling – I’ve heard of the dreaded cankles and I don’t want them!  This amount of time left until my due date is exactly the amount of time I’ll have off of work for maternity leave.  I’m utilizing 6 weeks provided by the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and 6 weeks provided by my employer.  Unfortunately, the time covered by FMLA is unpaid but the good news is that I have a TON of vacation and sick hours that I can use so I won’t actually miss a pay check.  The down side is that I’ll have to almost deplete my time on the books but it accrues pretty fast (two days a month for vacation, 1 day a month for sick time – yes, I am lucky!!).

Financially, I’m on track this week – the only thing I’ll probably need to buy outside of my usual expenses is a blue maternity shirt to wear to a mandatory work event in two weeks.  My work provides shirts for this and they ordered me an XL to accommodate my belly but I am absolutely swimming in the arms and shoulders (my usual size is a medium!).  The shirts are made out of polyester and we’ll be working outside on what will likely be a very HOT day.  So, I’m going to try to find a maternity shirt in a similar color to wear instead so I’ll be more comfortable! That’s on my to-do list for the weekend.

Finally, the more I think of the last $100 remaining on credit card #1 the more I really really REALLY want to pay it off this month.  I think I’m going to go for it even if it means contributing less to savings.  It’s going to mean a lot to see that sucker at zero and I don’t want to delay that gratification!  I’m sure it’ll be extremely motivating!


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