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Baby Medical Care and other Friday Musings

As I’m nearing my third trimester (I will be 6 months pregnant as of this Sunday!!) my mind is full of things I still need to do and ask about. I’m a first-time mom so this is very new territory for me. 

One of the questions that has been in the back of my mind is, how does medical coverage work for newborns?  I’m employed full-time and am SO lucky and grateful that my employer pays 100 percent of the costs related to my healthcare plan.  I have $20 co-pays for seeing my general practitioner when I’m sick, but routine visits like pap smears (once a year) and ALL of my maternity appointments are completely free. 

I just talked to my HR rep at work and asked her about health coverage for my newborn.  She said that my baby will be placed under my insurance coverage for the full month that she’s born in.  So, for instance, if she comes as planned on August 8 she’ll be covered through the 31st.  Then, once I receive her birth certificate I can enroll her on her own plan.  I didn’t ask (but I will when I go down to formalize my maternity plan and sign paperwork) what happens if she comes early on July 31.  Does she only get one day of coverage and then isn’t covered until I get that birth certificate and make it in to work to sign papers?  That doesn’t make much sense . . .

I have been fretting a bit about how much health care premiums are going to cost DH and I for our little one.  I asked my HR rep to send me information and the grand total will be . . . $15.16 a month!  I am SO grateful!  I was imagining that our costs would be in the hundreds!  In fact, the rate sheet that I was provided shows what my employer’s contributions will be – $1,326.00 per month – on behalf of me AND baby.  CRAZY. We could never afford that.  No wonder there are so many under/un-insured people in this country.  I’m super lucky!!

DH works for a small firm and his healthcare is only partially funded by his employer.  When open-enrollment comes along at my work (only happens once a year in the early fall) we’ll be adding him to my plan now that we are married.

In other random Friday musings . . . I’m really surprised how fast this week has gone.  At work, I’ve been really busy which is why I haven’t posted a lot.

I’ve been thinking a lot about my friend – the one the had the triplets in March.  I just don’t know how she’s juggling everything right now.  Every time I get an e-mail from her she just sounds so exhausted.  Her maternity leave is up in another month and a half and she’ll be going back to work . . . then in August they are moving half way across the country for her husband’s job.  She’s hoping to get a job there once they get settled, but childcare for three infants is a major hurdle.  Our child will be going to a child development center that costs $1,350 a month . . . if we had three babies there is no way that we could make that happen – I would have to stay home (or DH – not sure how we’d swing that since I have better benefits and vacation (5 weeks a year) – although I’d rather be the one to be home). But my friend wants to go back to work because she’s just so overwhelmed at home – I think it’s an escape for her.  So she’s considering going through an agency to find an au pair.  I just feel bad for the woman – she says she doesn’t regret having the babies but I’m sure if she had more resources she would be so much happier. 

I guess her situation just makes me realize that in comparison, my concerns and worries are nothing big.  I have one baby to worry about raising and providing for.  Both DH and I have stable jobs and have affordable housing.  We can afford childcare at an excellent facility . . . it’s still going to be a lot of work but I’ll eventually get the hang of motherhood.  Change is always strange at first, even when it’s positive change.

So . . . weekend plans:  I’ve decided to go ahead and get my hair done.  I know it’s spendy but it’ll be worth it.  To keep the price down, I’m forgoing a hair cut (just had one last month at Super Cuts).  Also, DH and I have been invited over to dinner at an old work friend’s home of DH’s (they used to work together a few years ago).  We’re responsible for bringing salad and a dessert.  I haven’t used my Kitchen Aid mixer much since I got it as a wedding present so I’m going to bust it out tonight and try to make a chocolate cake!  The rest of the time, I’ll be cleaning, running errands, going to a yoga class . . . napping!!  I feel like I need so much extra sleep these days! 

Happy weekend everyone!


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  1. * TeacHer says:

    Ok, you are SO not bagging your groceries at Trader Joe’s if you’re six months pregnant! 🙂

    Thanks for leaving me a comment, I love your blog and will be reading often!

    | Reply Posted 7 years, 1 month ago

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