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May Goals

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It’s only a few days in and I have to admit I’m not feeling very optimistic about this month and my finances thanks to some big planned and not-so planned expenses.

If you read my weekly money check-up, you know that I splurged on a facial.  I said at the time that I didn’t regret it but in some ways I guess I kind of do now because … apparently I’m flying to Seattle mid-June to attend the graduation ceremony for my aunt who is earning her doctorate!  This was a complete surprise – I didn’t anticipate going at all as I’m not very close to my aunt.  However, my 69-year-old mother – who NEVER travels, has a disability that limits her mobility, and is financially insecure – REALLY wanted to go.  Within the last few years she has rekindled her relationship with her sister and this has meant a lot to her.  I thought about it, talked it over with DH, and decided I couldn’t say no to her request for me to go – she doesn’t ask for much and I’d like to help her make this trip a special one.  We’ll fly up Friday afternoon, attend the ceremonies on Saturday, and fly home Sunday morning.  We’ll stay at my aunt’s home but rent a car. 

I’m a little stressed about it because spending extensive time with my mother requires a lot of patience because of her anxiety and emotional disorders, her difficulty with walking/moving (I cringe at the thought of her getting on and off a crowded airplane, surrounded by impatient travelers in a hurry to load/unload suitcases from over-head compartments, and that oh-so narrow aisle – nightmare!!!) . . . AND I’ll be seven months pregnant so I’ll have my own physical and emotional limitations to deal with . . . but I really want to do this for my mom.  So I’m going to make it happen. 

I booked our tickets today (Mom doesn’t have Internet) and they came out to $650.00 (including car rental). Mom says she’ll send me a check for half.

Another big expense this month is that I have to order a bridesmaids dress for the wedding I’m in this October.  I probably could wait until June – which I might do depending on if Mom waits to pay me back.  The dress, including tax, will be $250. And ladies – I know you will feel my pain when I tell you it is mustard yellow . . . probably one of the most unflattering colors anyone could ever pick out for me (fair skin, blonde hair = washed out in ANY shade of yellow).  I have to admit that I’m secretly annoyed with this bride.  At my wedding I asked my bridesmaids (this bride was one of them) to wear ANY black cocktail length dress as I was trying to keep costs down for everyone and I knew that most girls have a little black dress in their closet.  Everyone looked fabulous even though the necklines and straps/sleeves were a little different on everyone.  So how does this bride repay me?  With a bill for a $250 YELLOW dress??  Aghhh!!

Finally, I need to make a decision on if I will move forward with getting my hair done this weekend.  I haven’t had my roots touched up since January and my hair is looking pretty sad.  However, this will cost at least $100 . . . so, I need to ask myself, is it worth the money or can I go another four weeks?  I HATE having to make decisions like this.  This, people, is why I want to become more savvy with my money, so that I never have to make a choice.  Blah.

So, without further ado, here are my May goals:


  • Attend yoga seven times
  • Do yoga video four times a week
  • Organize wedding photos and decide which ones I’ll have printed and framed (yup, I’m going to keep bumping this project from month-to-month until I’m so sick of seeing it I’ll just do it already!!)
  • Finish current baby knitting projects (sweater and booties) and don’t buy anymore yarn!!


  • Brown bag my lunch to work four out of five days of the week minimum.
  • Deposit $500 into joint savings (we just crossed the $11K threshold in April!! I’m excited to see if we can hit $15K before the baby gets here in August!!)
  • Stretch goal – pay off credit card #1 (only $100 to go!!!)
  • Stretch goal – save $875 into joint savings
  • Meal plan each week and stay under $250 grocery budget

Wish me luck!!!  And good luck to you on your May goals!!


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  1. * Serendipity says:

    Good luck on your May goals! I’m sure your gonna knock it out.

    | Reply Posted 7 years, 1 month ago

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