Where's Margie's Money?

April Spending/Goal Recap

I have mixed feelings about my progress in April.  I did great in some areas but in others old habits reared their ugly heads. 

A look at how I spent my money:

Gas: $158.61 (over budget by 8.61 – considering that I drove quite a bit this month, I’m satisfied with this number)

Grocery/Drug Store: $248.59 (over budget by 48.59.  I definitely can see some improvement here with more planned and thoughtful shopping trips)

Dining/Eating Out: $92.00 (over budget by $17)

Clothing: $97.32 (on a pair of maternity jeans and a skirt – don’t regret this at all!!  I’ve worn them every weekend!)

Dry Cleaning: $125 (to clean and preserve my wedding dress – a worthy expense)

Yoga Classes: $60 (still have two left to use in May)

Movies/Music: $7.99 (for monthly Netflix subscription)

Gifts: $20.56 (I bought my dear friend and new mom to triplets some groceries)

Donations: $45 ($40 went to a friend whose parents house burned down – no insurance!!  What a nightmare for everyone involved)

Vacation/Travel: $0

Salon/Beauty: $53.95 (UNDER budget by $6.05)

Yarn/Crafts: $69.46 (over budget by $69.46 and ALL spent very spur of the moment/impulsively!  Craft/knitting supplies are totally my downfall. Sad face.)

Books: $0

Pet Expenses: $0

Electronics: $0

Misc Personal Spending: $33.56 (on skin care products when my face broke out with eczema thanks to my crazy hormones)


April 2011 Goals


  • FAIL – Attend 8 yoga classes (9 if I can afford it and have time to go). I only made it to 6 and missed two – one on a Wednesday night (had to work late) and one on a Saturday morning (had to wait for a delivery).  That means I have two classes already paid for that I can use in May.
  • SUCCESS – Finish knitting the third and last hat for the triplets.  Start a project for my baby (preferably with yarn I already own). Self explanatory.
  • FAIL – Finish my current book (almost done) and then finish one more. I’m only half way through the book I started in April (The Heart is a Lonely Hunter).
  • FAIL – Organize or fix four areas or spaces in our home. Cleaned three living room windows, re-organized bookcase, and deep cleaned stove . . . was one short for meeting this goal.
  • SUCCESS – Donate, recycle or trash 20 items in our home. Got rid of LOTS of books.
  • SUCCESS – Send thank you notes (a hold over from March – Gah!).  Okay, I have to be honest that I waited to post this entry until I wrote the cards, addressed and stamped them!  I just have to drop them off in the mail on my way home from work. 
  • FAIL – Finish organizing wedding album and decide photos to print/frame. I didn’t even touch this project. 😦


  • SUCCESS – Track expenses in my budget spreadsheet.
  • PARTIAL SUCCESS – Brown bag lunch to the office four out of five work days. (I was successful every week except the last when I failed to meal plan that week. 😦
  • SUCCESS – Save $875 I just put the money in our joint savings account – I love seeing that number continue to grow!
  • SUCCESS – Acquire no new debt.
  • PARTIAL SUCCESS – Menu plan each weekend and stay under budget for groceries (this is going to be a tough one – I already know it!) Did great for every week except the last one. 😦

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