Where's Margie's Money?

Meal Plan Monday


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Last week I fell off the meal planning wagon and learned a valuable lesson about why it’s so important (for us anyway) to figure out our meals in advance.  Getting home from work and not having, a) the energy or brain power to think about what to make, and b) enough groceries to make an appetizing dish, means that we’ll be picking up fast and convenient food instead (Subway sandwiches one night, pizza another . . . ).  Not to mention that lunches were a disaster (I ate out for lunch twice).

So this week I’m back with my weekly meal plan and I’m loving the fact that I won’t have the “What’s for dinner?” blahs.

Monday – Grilled Cheese/Tuna Melts and side salad (a special request from DH – he would eat these EVERY DAY if he could . . . I like to use artisan bread cut thick from the bakery and use my George Foreman grill – super fast and super yummy.)

Tuesday – Breakfast for dinner: cheese omelettes, skillet potatoes, and fruit salad (still need to purchase the fruit – likely berries and cantaloupe)

Wednesday – Salad wraps (Quick and easy – it’s yoga night)

Thursday – Pacific flounder, brown rice, corn on the cob, side salad

Friday – Take out

Saturday – Dinner hosted by our friends (still need to figure out what dessert I’ll bring over)

This week I spent $38.58 at Smart & Final and $39.34 at Trader Joe’s (but that purchase from TJ also included some hand lotion for my desk at work and tea tree oil face pads (a beauty routine staple – LOVE this product).


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