Where's Margie's Money?

Meal Plan Monday

Last week’s meal planning went extremely smoothly.  We did a little switching around to meet our slightly adjusted schedules so we didn’t eat one of the dinners at all while another we moved to Saturday night (the Pacific Flounder from Trader Joe’s . . . which turned out REALLY good – it’s stuffed with crab meat and cheese so for a person who doesn’t like fish very much like me, there was a lot of other flavor).

This week is going to be a little different.  DH and I are only going to be eating at home together two of the seven nights of the week.  Between the two of us, we’ll need to pack only eight lunches.

Monday – Pasta Primavera (DH LOVED this when I made it two weeks ago and requested it again – it makes a lot for only two people so there are a ton of leftovers and I have most of the ingredients already. I like to add fresh veggies like squash or brocoli to it to make it more hearty/healthy.)

Tuesday – Soy tacos with side salad (a hold over from last week)

Wednesday – DH eats leftovers, I have dinner plans with a friend from out-of-town.

Thursday – I eat leftovers with side salad, DH travel day

Friday – I eat leftovers with side salad, DH travel day

This week I spent $17.65 at Smart & Final and $12.72 at Henry’s for a total of $30.37.  I didn’t use coupons (I tried but I couldn’t find anything that I actually would buy) but I did check out the weekly flyers to check store sales and probably saved a least a couple of bucks by purchasing my produce at Henry’s (which is a surprise – I would have thought that their stuff would have been more expensive because they are one of those crunchy organic local chain stores).

With a full week left in April (is it me or does this month seem especially long?  Must be the five weekends…) and only $10 left in my grocery budget it’s safe to say that I’m definitely going to go over.  I knew that $200 would be tight but I was hoping I could do it.  Bummer.  My revised budget is $220 – I think I can still make that.


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