Where's Margie's Money?

Is this a job or an unpaid internship?

Today is Wednesday, April 13 which means that DH’s paycheck is now overdue 13 days.  That’s right folks, he – along with several other “key staff” at his work – have yet to receive their first April paychecks.

Without revealing too much about DH’s job let me provide some background info. He works for a small firm of about 15 employees.  He was recruited to his current position about two years ago by the president and vice-president of the company (who also happen to be married), whom DH worked with at another company when he first graduated from college about ten years ago.  Basically, this couple wanted to start their own company and recruited who they thought were the best and the brightest.  DH makes a solid salary but he works LONG hours and three out of four weekends of the month he’ll go into the office or bring work home.  DH is extremely loyal and hard-working – he’s not one to slack off or cut up on the job.  He takes what he does extremely seriously and truly enjoys it.

Okay, so rewind to about a week ago.  DH didn’t receive his paycheck as expected on the first but this wasn’t completely out of the ordinary.  Sometimes they don’t distribute paychecks until a few days into the month (they don’t offer direct deposit so everyone gets a hard check).  Personally, I’ve always found this odd since I work for an organization that follows HR and payroll policy to the letter of the law.  I can always expect my paycheck to show up on pay-day without fail.  But this is a small company and I guess that’s just how they do business.  All of the employees seem to just go with the flow and no one has ever questioned it to my knowledge.

Then at the end of last week DH and received an e-mail from the VP addressed to “Dear Key Staff.”  The addresses were blind copied so we don’t know who else it was addressed to but from a few conversations that DH has had with colleagues, he knows of one or two others that also received it.  Basically the e-mail says that due to the fact that they have outstanding invoices with clients to the tune of about $1M (an interesting figure to include . . . I would think that outstanding payroll would be $25-35K at most depending on how many employees and their salaries), they can’t make payroll until some of that money comes in.  The e-mail goes on to say that the VP is very “uncomfortable” about this.  From this e-mail, I gather that they were able to make a portion of the payroll but those in higher level positions deemed “key staff” (with, presumably, larger salaries) did not get their checks

Of course, I’m pissed as all get out that the company that DH pours 60+ hours into a week doesn’t have the financial security to make its payroll this month and is passing the burden onto the employees.  DH is a a very “go with the flow” kinda guy and isn’t concerned at this point.  We have some savings and fortunately don’t live in a paycheck-to-paycheck reality.  However, that doesn’t make it okay for them to not pay their employees – some of whom may not be in the same situation as us. In fact, this infuriates me to no end. I wish I could write a scathing letter but unfortunately that’s not an option.  Nobody wants to hear from the angry/disgruntled wife and DH seems to think they’ll get their sh*t together soon.

Of course I’m advocating for DH to look for another job but at this point he remains loyal to his company. While he agrees with all of my comments and concerns, he just isn’t ready to give up on them. I think he feels that moving on would leave them in a lurch and ruin their friendship/working relationship.  I argued that not providing paychecks leaves HIM in a lurch so doesn’t he have an obligation to his family  over his employers to find a more stable job? DH didn’t disagree with me but he’s still not ready to let go.

This Friday, the 15th, DH is due his second paycheck of the month. I’ll be VERY curious to see what happens – will they provide one or both checks or continue to go past due and not pay again?

This drives me crazy because I’m completely powerless and I’m so annoyed with these people and the company they run. I’m outraged and I wish that DH would get a little more pissed about it.  For me, it drives home the point of why it is SO important that we continue to save so much (and more if we can manage it) every month if the company goes completely belly up.  Blah.

I’ll keep you all posted! In the meantime, this reminds me that I have some outstanding invoices with a freelance client that I need to collect on and an invoice for my March services to send out.  I’m totally getting on that today!


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