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Tuesday This and That

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  • Yesterday I wrote in my Weekly Money Check-Up that I was thankful to have a job.  My goodness how timely that statement was for me.  Soon after I wrote that sentence and posted my blog entry, I ended up hitting a few bumps in the road at work. I kept repeating to myself, “I’m lucky to have a job,” “I’m lucky to have a job,” and after a quick walk to clear my head, I felt SO much better. 


  • Tonight after work a few co-workers are getting together for happy hour.  These are peers  in my age bracket and at the same level in terms of management classification. We joke that we are all next in line in our respective departments to take over. It’s typically a fun hour or two of sitting back with a drink, bitching a little about work, and sharing experiences. This is the first time that I’ll be attending the happy hour pregnant and in a way it’s actually working in my favor!  What a great excuse (not that I really need to justify not drinking with this group – I’m sure they wouldn’t care one way or the other) for passing up the pricey drink and sipping on water.


  • I just read Corporette’s blog entry on what NOT to wear in the office.  Pretty interesting!  Appropriate dress-code totally varies from work place to work place and region to region but some things are always a big fat no . . . for instance, sheer fabrics like lace, flip-flops, clothes you’d wear to work out in, or shorts.  At my work, we are allowed to dress down for casual Fridays and during the summer and it’s amazing how many people will wear Bermuda type shorts and flip-flops. I know this is So Cal and we are just miles from the beach, but in my mind these items never appropriate for the office.  My previous workplace was MUCH more conservative (women had to wear nylons if they wore skirts and open-toed/peep-toed shoes were completely off-limits) so I guess I carry some of that over to my current job  . . .  although the day I have to put on a pair of nylons again will be a day that comes far too soon!  I don’t miss that aspect of the job at all!!


  • I’m a food monster right now!  I’m absolutely ravenous all the time.  I’ve gotten really great about bringing my own lunch to the office every day (today it was a ham sandwich, carrots, apple, banana, crackers, granola bar, yogurt, fruit snacks, and 32 oz of water) and by mid afternoon when everything is gone I’m STILL hungry.  I’ll be so curious to see how my weight is doing at my next prenatal appointment on Monday.  As of my last appointment I had only gained seven pounds.  I’m going to guess it’s at least ten by this point.


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  1. * Serendipity says:

    I’m not pregnant and I still have days when I end up starrrrrving by mid afternoon. And it’s nice to remind yourself you have a job, but you should still be happy for the most part. But, we do have the blues from time to time, we’re only human.

    | Reply Posted 7 years, 2 months ago

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