Where's Margie's Money?

5 months today!

(Photo Credit)

Today is the five month mark of my pregnancy – only four more to go until my estimated due date (August 8). Exciting!!  I’ve been feeling really great this week.  Getting bigger (wearing my new maternity jeans for the first time today!) but  feeling secure and happy in my own skin. 

Weekend plans . . .

Tomorrow DH and I are going back to the furniture store that we visited last Sunday to purchase the sofa that we liked.  We’ve sat on the idea of making this big buy for a week and we still think it’s a good use of our tax refund (less than half . . . the rest of the refund we’ll put toward our “house fund”) – so we’re moving forward.  We’ve gone back and forth about it (part of me hates to spend such a big chunk of change on something that isn’t a “need”) but I agree with him that since we aren’t moving anytime soon, investing in some furniture that will make us more comfortable will be a big “quality of life” improvement.  We spend a lot of time at home and with the baby on the way we will be spending a lot MORE time at home. It’ll be nice to have a sofa that we can both cuddle up on at the same time (currently, we can’t do that with our tiny love seat unless we want to be practically on top of each other!).

I’ll also be hitting up my prenatal yoga class (try to get there early this time to grab some floor space up front – the class fills up quick and I hate to be in the back where it’s more cramped) and then stopping by a birthday party for DH’s work friend.

Sunday, at this point, is gloriously open.  If I get in a long walk/hike with the dog, all my weekend chores, and one thing off my 52 Tasks in 52 weeks list (I’m thinking I’m going to tackle the inside of  fridge or the pantry this week) I’ll consider it a success!

Also, that weird itchy/dry patch of skin on my jaw is almost all cleared up.  It hurt to spend the $30 on the medicated lotions and gentle cleaners but SO worth it. 

Wishing everyone a very happy weekend! 

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