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Tuesday This and That

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I’m having a hard time staying motivated at work this week.  I think the beautiful weather outside is giving me spring fever!  All I really want to do is lay out on some lush piece of grass and soak up the sun whilst reading a good book.  But it’s supposed to rain by the weekend so I’m sure that will cure me of my work blues!

I spent an unexpected $33.56 at CVS Pharmacy yesterday afternoon which bums me out a bit even if the products I bought were totally needed. Over the last few weeks I’ve noticed a dry patch of skin on my face – about the size of a silver dollar on the right side of my jaw near my chin. I just figured my skin was acting up from switching brands of make-up remover towelettes (I switched to the Target brand because it’s cheaper) and that it would go away. But over the last few days it started itching and peeling and I KNEW this wasn’t your typical dry skin (especially because my skin has never been particularly sensitive).  I looked it up online (thank goodness for WebMD and Google!) and self-diagnosed myself with eczema – apparently it’s another common side-effect of pregnancy.  I’ve never in my life had this skin condition but apparently my immune system is in over-drive and that causes flare ups like these. Lovely!!  So, I hit the pharmacy for some medicated lotion, gentle face wash, and gentle eye make up remover.  After one night of treatment with the lotion, it’s already looking (and feeling!) better. If it doesn’t go away in the next few days I’ll contact my midwife but I hope that’s not the case.  Having skin problems on your face of all places is not fun!!

So remember how I was so proud of the fact that I shopped in bulk over the weekend?  Well, I happily went to open my mega-sized box of Cheerios this morning when I realized one of the inner packages of cereal had already been opened!  Ew!  Thank goodness I still have the receipt . . . I’m taking it back to the store after work and hopefully it won’t be a problem to exchange it. 

Since my breakfast was ruined, I was a little excited to grab a bite to eat on my way to work.  I clipped a coupon a few days ago for the local bagel place (buy one bagel and get a free cup of coffee!).  After pulling in to the parking lot and digging around in my purse, I realized that I left my envelope of coupons on the kitchen table.  Frugal FAIL!  Sad face.

Last night’s menu meal planning went off without a hitch – the tuna casserole was super good (DH declared it in the top five of the meals I’ve ever made) and we only ate half of it so we still have more for Wednesday leftovers.  Success!


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  1. * Serendipity says:

    I really need to get back into menu planning. It helps shopping with a plan, I tend not to spend as much and make sure things get used up!

    | Reply Posted 7 years, 2 months ago

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