Where's Margie's Money?

A Random Day Off

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Tomorrow I am off for César Chávez Day (a holiday in eight states) but unfortunately most people I know don’t have the luxury day off in the middle of the week, including DH. I want to make the most of my day and not waste it by sleeping in too late or hanging out in front of the t.v. . . .  so I’m already thinking of what I want to accomplish:

  • 7 a.m. walk on the beach with C.  (My good friend, C, happens to also work for my organization.)  We decided to start the morning off with our dogs at the beach.

  • Clean kitchen, bathroom, mop floors and dust.
  • Wash sheets and towels.
  • Tackle two items on my 52 Tasks in 52 Weeks list.

In other news, I worked on my April budget last night. I think one of the worst parts of being more accountable with my money is that now I have to make CHOICES. I can’t have it all!  I know, earth-shattering realization, right? I played with numbers to see if I could afford a month of yoga classes ($60), new jeans ($80), AND a trip the salon ($150?). 

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to pay for all three. I ended up prioritizing the yoga classes (because my health SHOULD be a priority and my semi-weekly classes have become something I look forward to) and the maternity jeans (because I need comfy clothes I can fit into that I can wear on the weekends!).

Despite being able to do two out of the three, I will admit that I was bummed for a little while. I haven’t had my hair “did” since my birthday in early January . . . but I ended up compromising with myself.  I’ll take myself to the cheap-o place where you can get a cut for $25 (including tip) and wait on getting it colored until next month.  In the end I know this positions me well to get my hair colored one more time before the baby’s born (once in April then again at the end of July) so I’ll have good hair for pictures.  Call me crazy for thinking of these things but I know that once she’s here, I won’t have the luxury to run out to the salon as easily!


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