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The Seven Deadly Sins: Pride

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I’ve seen a number of my favorite personal finance bloggers (I think My Money, My Life started it but also check out Serendipity and My Money Journey) do this fun meme and I figured I’d join – why not?!

 Day 1 – Pride: Seven great things about yourself.

1. I have a very even keel personality and don’t get my feathers ruffled very easily. Under stress, I’m typically your go-to-girl (although if it’s an emergency related to blood, see someone else!  I’m totally queasy about blood and guts!). I think this stems from the fact that mother is EXTREMELY emotional and growing up I learned that I never wanted to let my emotions get the best of me. So in a stressful work or travel situation, I don’t let myself get scared or stressed until AFTER the situation is under control (and then I lose it). 

2. I’m an AWESOME listener. Again, I think this skill was developed early on listening to my mother complain, gripe, share, about anything and everything.  As a result, I’ve become the girl in my group of friends that everyone confides their problems and secrets to.  On the flip side, I’m actually NOT that great of a sharer myself!  I hate to air my dirty laundry (except, apparently on this blog!) and would rather deal with things myself.

3. I’m compassionate and nurturing.  I can put myself in someone else’s shoes and understand where they are coming from.  My heart goes out to wounded people and animals of all walks of life.  As a kid, I was always adopting stray pets.  I talked to plants that weren’t growing well, urging them to “be strong!” (I’m sure if an adult had heard me they would have thought I was one odd kid!) 

4. I’m a tall drink of water and proud!  I stand at a very statuesque six feet tall (and if you think that’s tall you should meet my brother who is 6’6”!).  I didn’t always love being tall – in middle school I shot up like a weed and by high school I was one of the tallest girls in my class (fortunately, there was one other girl an inch taller than me).  However, by college I had learned to embrace my height.  I finally started getting positive attention from boys (who had finally caught up or surpassed me in height) and I embraced my tall diva-ness.  Sure, sometimes I envy the short girls who can wear four-inch stilettos without a problem but I love that being tall means that I never have to worry about reaching stuff on the top shelf, I can actually see what’s going on in a crowd, and my weight has more room to be evenly distributed so I’ve never had a problem with gaining the lbs.  Also, I can walk REALLY fast. 🙂

5. I have really great hair.  It’s super thick and slightly wavy – I can go days without washing it (in fact, I only wash it every third night so as not to dry it out) and it still maintains its body.  I’ve never had the problem that some of my friends with thinner hair do with creating stylish up-dos.  I like to be brave with my hair and try different colors and cuts – I’m lucky that my hair can pretty much handle anything (except short bobs . . . in that case my hair because a big puff-ball and I end up looking like a q-tip!)

6. I’m crafty.  I LOVE to knit – my mom taught me as a kid and I’ve been knitting for years.  I’ve made myself sweaters, beanies, scarves of all shapes and sizes, lace shawls, blankets . . . soon I’ll begin working on my little one’s new wardrobe and I can’t wait!  Baby stuff is so fun to make!   7. I love my job.  I don’t want to go into details hereabout exactly where I work or what I do but I will say that over the last three years I’ve received an increase in pay of over 40 percent.  And my benefits?  To die for (5 weeks of vacation a year?! Heck Yeah!)!  My job itself is extremely satisfying and I love the organization itself and its mission.  I could see myself staying here for the rest of my working days. 

8. I have great friends and an awesome husband.  I really lucked out in this department – I wouldn’t trade my girlfriends for anything . . . even M, who can be a TAD dramatic.  I love that my friends are DH’s friends and vice versa – our entire group just meshes really well.  And as for DH, what can I say, I’m madly in love.  He was my first love (we met the summer between high school and college!) and he’ll be my last love, I know this to be true.  In my dreams, I still fantasize about him! I’m so excited to be starting a family with him – based on what an amazing husband he is to me (kind, generous, affectionate, a good listener, understands and accepts me fo me) I know he’s going to be an out-of-this-world dad.

9. I love my town.  I live a block from the beach and within walking distance of restaurants, bars (not that I frequent those anymore!), and shopping.  Everyone is super laid back and friendly.  There are lots of athletes – runners, cyclists, dog walkers, surfers . . . it’s inspiring to be around people who love the outdoors and being fit.  I try to take my dog for a walk every night after work to take in my environment and appreciate my neighborhood because I haven’t always had the opportunity to live in a place like this (I spent 10 years in the high desert, actually, which was just awful).

10.  I’m a good cook. I love to try new recipes and MOST turn out pretty darn good.  DH loves that I’m savvy in the kitchen and I find it to be extremely relaxing to get in front of the stove after a day at work.  I also feel really good about using whole, healthy, and (when it’s reasonably priced) organic produce as much as possible.

Gah, that was pretty hard!  But you should join the fun the fun if you haven’t already!

 Here are the topics.
Day 1 – Pride. Seven great things about yourself.

Day 2 – Envy. Seven things you lack and covet.

Day 3 – Wrath. Seven things that piss you off.

Day 4 – Sloth. Seven things you neglect to do.

Day 5 – Greed. Seven worldly material desires.

Day 6 – Gluttony. Seven guilty pleasures.

Day 7 – Lust. Seven love secrets.


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