Where's Margie's Money?

Last week of March budget

I get paid on Friday the first and I have $189 to get me through the next 6 days (including today).  Here’s what I have to pay for:

Dog grooming: $50

I know it’s expensive but she’ll be visiting my parents this week and she, quite frankly, stinks.  A bath at home isn’t an option – believe me, I’ve tried and failed many times!  When you’re up against a 90 pound dog that HATES water, you learn quick that YOU are the one getting wet and not the other way around!  I have a $10 coupon, so this may go down a bit.

Gas: $40

I have a little less than half a tank but we’ll be taking a drive to see our friends in the OC tonight.  I actually drove 70 miles from work yesterday and am expecting a $30 gas reimbursement but that’s not coming in until next month.

Groceries: $50

I’m going to look for some cheap and easy dishes that will provide lots of leftovers.

Baby Gift: $25

The friends that we are visiting tonight invited us over to dinner.  They said not to bring anything but we can’t just show up empty-handed.  I suggested to DH that we buy them a baby gift (they are expecting in July!) since they’ve already been so generous to give us a few hand-me-down baby items from their previous daughter.

Total: $165  That gives me $24 in wiggle room – let’s see if I can keep it even cheaper! I’m on a mission!


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