Where's Margie's Money?

It’s almost the end of the week and I feel good!

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But I have to admit I wasn’t feeling that great this morning when I looked in my purse and couldn’t find my wallet! Since I hadn’t spent any money over the last few days I knew it had fallen out either at home or at the office.  Turns out it was under my desk at work so it was quickly recovered but my goodness those last ten minutes of my drive to work were extremely anxiety ridden as I considered everything I would need to do to get a new drivers license, cancel my debit card, get a new work i.d., etc.  It’s such an awful feeling to lose your wallet! 

But I feel great (now!) because my trip reimbursement check came in yesterday for the Washington D.C. conference I attended earlier this month.  My work can pay things like conference registration but they won’t give you an advance for airfare, hotel, food, etc.  Since I travel about once or twice a year, they won’t let me get a work issued credit card so I always have to pay out-of-pocket first and then wait a few weeks to get my money back.  Anyway, now that the check is here, and barring any unforseen emergencies over the next week, I WILL make my savings goal of $1,600 this month.  That makes me feel SO good. 

Another happy thing that happened is that the three-year anniversary of my last (and ONLY!) at-fault car accident came and went on Monday. I called my insurance company to let them know to take it off my record and they dropped my premium by about $20 per month.  I plan to snowball that extra $20 (starting in May) toward debt.  Every little bit helps, right?!

I’m definitely ready for the weekend – I need to take a look at my March goals to see what I still need to accomplish before the end of the month.  I can’t believe March is almost over.  This year is going way too fast.

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