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Tuesday This and That

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It’s still settling into my brain that DH and I are going to be having a daughter. I had truly convinced myself that I was carrying a boy and all the fun old wives tales and tricks to determine gender early only served to back up my “intuition.” I was so wrong! But I have to admit that I’m really thrilled to have a girl and secretly was hoping it would be a she.  As I’m coming out of the fog of pure joy and delight, I’m also starting to consider what it’s going to be like to raise a girl in this day and age. I know that it’s not going to be easy. I remember what I was like in my teens and early twenties and I certainly gave my parents enough hell, heart ache and gray hair!  I’m sure what comes around goes around and I’ll be in for my fair share in the years to come.

A quick google search revealed a NY Times article written in June 2010 that cites a report stating that the average middle-income family will spend $222,000 to raise a child from birth to 18.  We know that in her first year alone we’ll be spending $12,240 on just daycare as I plan to continue to work full-time.  I’m really lucky that there is a fully accredited child development center within walking distance (half a mile at most) from my office – a lot of my colleagues have children there and they have an excellent reputation.  We are already on the waiting list and DH and I  are committed to putting away the monthly cost ($1,360) each month between now and November (the first month that she’ll attend after my 12 week maternity leave) to not only get used to the extra expense but to cushion ourselves for other upcoming baby costs.

I hope to be able to breast feed so that’s going to save a lot on formula (and I’ll continue to pump when I go back to work) over the first six months of her life.  But as for diapers, we haven’t completely decided what to do.  A lot of my friends cloth diaper and I know that can be an inexpensive and more environmentally friendly way to go.  However, the child development center doesn’t allow their babies/toddlers to be cloth diapered because of health code issues.  So the decision now is whether or not to go disposables full-time 24/7 or just during the times that she is at day care.  DH and I priced out the cost of diapers and expect to pay about $50/month during the first few months on disposables.  I just need to work out the cost savings of going the cloth diaper route.

Yesterday I splurged a bit on a new outfit – spend $13 over my alloted personal spending budget for the month. DH and I went to my first prenatal appointment in the morning and then had several hours to kill before our afternoon ultrasound (we both took sick days so that we wouldn’t have to drive back and forth from our respective work places). We went to the mall and I found a pair of maternity black slacks at Baby Gap not only in my correct size but with my correct inseam (This rarely happens! Someone probably returned an online purchase.) on sale for $29.  I also bought a purple work appropriate maternity shirt for $10. I put it on my Gap card (to get the points!) and then this morning I made a payment covering the cost of the purchase.  I was SO proud of myself.  In the past I would have just charged it and spent the money allocated on something else. I’m not happy that I went over my budget by $13 but I’m super happy to have new comfy pants for a good deal.  So, in my mind (I hope I’m not rationalizing too much!) that makes up a bit for it.

After we found out the gender I splurged a little bit more.  I bought a pink onesie at our local surf shop that says “Born to Surf” . . . DH is a huge surfer and he absolutely can’t wait to get our little one out in the water with him (after plenty of swim lessons of course!).  DH had bought lunch so I bought the onesie ($20) . . . a little over priced but it was a splurge.  We were on a high!  So, this means that I have to be EXTRA good this week – no eating out, no extras, nothing!  I’m on a no-spend mission through Friday.  I can do it!


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