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Things I want – Not NEED

A few days ago Girl Makes Cents posted a list of things she wants but doesn’t need. Lately I’ve been finding myself coveting new things.  I haven’t done anything about it (and I won’t – I promise!) but I thought it would be fun to do a copy cat post to help relieve my desire to shop!

Gap Maternity Jeans with long inseam – $79.50.  It’s hard to justify jeans at this price even when I know I’ll wear the heck out of them for years!  But to spend that much on a pair that I’ll only wear for the next four months of pregnancy and perhaps three months of postpartum (until I hopefully will get back into my pre-preggo jeans) seems ridiculous.  However, I might just try to budget these in for next month.  But, a girl needs a pair of jeans, right?  

A new sofa!  DH and I currently have a hand-me-down love seat and chair with matching ottoman from my mother.  But the problem is two-fold:  First, the love-seat is too small to fit us both comfortably and there’s no way my 6 foot frame could lay down on it to take a nap (nap-ability is an essential quality in a sofa!).  And second, the fabric is cream canvas which is not a good match for two-cat/one-dog/one-soon-to-be-baby house hold.  I REALLY want a new sofa before the baby comes and DH and I have talked about using part of our tax return on one. 

Swoon.  I want an ipad so bad!  I can think of so many great uses: at work to take notes on during meetings, to use as an e-book reader, to watch Netflix and other movies, to surf the net when I don’t feel like using my lap top . . .but I doubt I can justify this purchase any time soon.

A babymoon in Hawaii.  For those not in the know(I wasn’t until I became pregnant and got exposed to all sorts of new terminology), a babymoon is a trip a couple takes together before the baby is born to celebrate their last few weeks/months of being just the two of them. DH and I have talked about going on a babymoon and while we’d love to go back to Hawaii (where we honeymooned in November of 2010 and got engaged in 2009) we just can’t justify the expense or use of vacation time. I’m looking into an extended weekend get-away somewhere local (like Palm Springs or Orange County) but we haven’t really decided if we’ll do it yet.

A super stylish nursery decked out in Pottery Barn furniture and linens. (Side note: I picked out a photo of a boy’s room because that’s my guess! We’ll see if I’m right on Monday!)  Yup, pretty sure this isn’t going to happen.  We’ll shop sales, get hand-me-down furniture, and keep our eye out for deals at garage sales and consignment shops. I know we’ll piece together a really sweet and lovely space but it’s definitely not going to look ANYTHING like this.

This adorable (but spendy) Coach purse (the Madison in black gathered leather).  At nearly $600 it’s definitely priced above my reach but I think it would be smashing with a suit and pumps for work.  Unfortunately, I won’t be getting my hands on this (unless it’s just to drool over in the store).

An alphabet heart tag bracelet from Tiffany’s with the initial of my new baby’s name on it (once we figure out what that will be!).  I think this would make a GREAT push present from DH but at $230 I’m not so sure the idea will fly.  He didn’t even know what a push present was until I explained it to him the other day and pretty much rolled his eyes at the idea. . . I guess I don’t blame him, it’s a pretty shallow concept.  The push present should be a healthy baby!  But I still want this bracelet. 😉

Okay, so that’s it. . . it’s not a lot to ask is it?  🙂  Maybe when my debt is paid off a few of these items will be more in reach.  Or, more likely, I will have moved on and (I hope) taken on the new perspective that more is less and material things can’t make me happy.

Have a good weekend everyone!


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  1. Hehe babymoon and push present are both new terms to me! Fun to dream….*sigh* I forgot to add i-pad to my list too, and good jeans are definitely hard to find! 🙂

    | Reply Posted 7 years, 3 months ago

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