Where's Margie's Money?

Mid Week Musings – Mind Purge

Today I’m 19 weeks, 3 days along into my pregnancy.  ALMOST to the half way mark!  20 week ultrasound is Monday and hopefully we’ll find out the gender!  Yipee! This week I’ve started to feel the little one move which, I have to be honest, is kinda strange.

Last night I got up to pee three times which is a new record . . . and I’ve already peed several times this morning and it’s not even 9 a.m. yet.  The frustrating thing is that each time it’s just a little trickle – hardly seems worth dragging my butt out of bed and down the stairs for (how I wish we had a bathroom upstairs!). 

I got to work an hour early (a very rare occurance – I’m usually slipping into my office by 8:30) so I can attend my prenatal yoga class that starts at 5:30 tonight across town and still have time to run home and let the dog out – DH is working late tonight (again).  I haven’t been to yoga in a week and a half and I’m looking forward to stretching my back.

This morning as I was getting dressed I put on one of my favorite pencil skirts (pencil skirts and blouses with cardigans are pretty much my work “uniform”) and I couldn’t zip the darn thing over my stomach!! I think I’ve been in denial about how much I’m showing now.  I put on an Old Navy maternity dress instead.  This means that my wardrobe options are dramatically limited at this point and getting more limited as the weeks go on.  I don’t know how long I’ll be able to go with my slacks and jeans unbuttoned and secured with a hair band covered with a long shirt – I’m guessing I have a few weeks left at most.  I really really want to buy a pair of Gap maternity jeans but they are almost $70!  I might try to make room for them in my budget in April but it’s annoying to have to buy something that I know I’ll get a few months of use of at best.  And unfortunately, because I’m such a tall drink of water (6’0″), maternity pants and jeans at thrift stores and cheaper retail outlets (like Target) don’t fit me. I need atleast a 34 inch inseam (but prefer a 36 when I can find them) to prevent the “high water” look.

I submitted my expense form at work for my recent DC work trip and am expecting about $1,000 back.  I’m hoping that the check comes before the end of the month or else I won’t be able to make my savings goals. 

Next month I’ve also got to work in a $200 bridesmaid dress into my budget.  One of my girlfriends is getting married at the end of October and asked me to be her Matron of Honor.  She asked me after I already knew I was pregnant so it wasn’t a surprise (but I’ll have the baby in August so here’s hoping that the dress I’ll be ordering in April – one size up from my usual dress size – will fit me!).  We went dress shopping in February with the three other bridesmaids and she picked out a dress that flattered all of us – a cute cocktail length strapless number.  But, unfortunately, the price isn’t great.  I’m a little annoyed because at my wedding (at which she was a bridesmaid) I asked the girls to wear any cocktail length black dress.  I knew that the girls had varying budgets and some (including the current bride-to-be) didn’t have a lot of extra cash flow to blow on a dress. And I figured, what girl doesn’t have a little black dress?    Everyone looked lovely – especially in the photos – and the unique styles of each dress didn’t stand out at all, especially because they wore green shawls that unified their looks.  I just wish the bride-to-be would be as accomodating and understanding about the dresses as I was! 

My dear friend had her triplets on Friday and this weekend DH and I are driving up (about 90 minutes) to see her and the little ones. She was discharged from the hospital yesterday but the babies will be staying put for atleast another week or two until they put on some weight (one at about 4.5 pounds and two at about 3.5 pounds).  I don’t envy her the long, hard road that she has ahead of her with three babies.  I’m scared about being a mom to just one and how we’ll manage the financial burden and be able to provide the life we want to him/her.  But three??  It freaks me out just thinking about it.


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