Where's Margie's Money?

Weekly Money Check Up (And…I’m blogging from D.C.!)

Holy crap, I’m totally wiped out! After nearly nine hours of travel (including a one hour lay over  in Chicago followed by 90 minutes of sitting idle on the tarmac while American Airlines dealt with mechanical problems – got to love that!) I’ve finally arrived in D.C. 

My first impression is that it is a beautiful city.  On my way to the hotel my taxi drove by the Washington Monument which was really awesome to see in person (in fact I have a view of it from my hotel window – RAD!).  I can’t help but wonder about all the things that happen in this city every minute of every day – important people at work making laws, setting policies, negotiating important international deals . . . crazy.

I’ve noticed that where I’m staying (Georgetown), people are extremely well dressed.  The California casual look definitely does not fit with the polished and buttoned up style people are working here!  But I like it!  I’m glad I wore by black skinny pants with my riding boots and black peacoat.  I felt like I blended right into the crowd as I explored the neighborhood! 🙂

I’m about to hit the sack but I wanted to be sure to keep my blogging momentum up.  I decided to do a quick post and participate in My Pretty Pennies’ Weekly Money Check Up.

1.  The most I spent this week was on the hotel room that I’m staying in right now (I’m too lazy to get up and look at the receipt but it’s over $500 for two nights).  Luckily, my work is footing the bill and I’ll be reimbursed as soon as I turn in my expenses.  Out of my own pocket, the most I spent this week was also on a hotel room for this Friday night – my last in D.C. and a vacation day – $110.

2. Today I feel really hopeful towards money and the way I think about my spending.  I’m trying to think of frugal ways to save a few bucks.  For instance, I noticed my hotel room has a fridge so I walked to the Whole Foods just a few doors down and picked up some milk, fruit, and snacks so I won’t be tempted to purchase things on the go. I get a pier diem for my travel days but whatever I don’t spend is money in my pocket (we don’t have to submit reciepts for meals/food or incidentials)!

3. Money can’t buy happiness.  One free/inexpensive thing I did last week that made me happy was taking a trunk load of stuff to Goodwill (a t.v., entertainment center, and IKEA clock) as well as throwing out a box full of CDs on Sunday.  We made some significant progress in cleaning up the spare bedroom that will be the nursery and it’s looking good!  It’s exciting to start to see the possibilities for the space!

4. I will consider this week a success if I stay within my trip budget of $200 when I’m visiting with Anna later on this week (and remember $110 of it is already spent on a hotel!).

5.  My guilty pleasure show is The Bachelor.  I just watched the “Women Tell All” episode (which is usually a complete waste of time – I hate that they make us wait an extra week for the finale!) and I’ve got to say that Michelle really knows how to tell a good sob story!  Holy smokes Ashley (the dentist) looks AMAZING as a brunette (could she be the next Bachelorette??). . . and as for who becomes Brad’s significant other, I’m on Team Emily all they way!


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  1. Washington D.C. is a beautiful city with tons of free things to do! Check out the Smithsonian Museums … there are different museums for any interest you have (there’s an art museum, an air & space museum, a natural history museum, a U.S. history museum, and the list goes on and on). Best of all, they’re free!

    Want to be outdoors? All the memorials — Vietnam, Korea, Lincoln, Jefferson — are also free.

    And strolling by the reflecting pond near the Washington Monument, or walking near the steps of the U.S. Capitol, or seeing the White House from Pennsylvania Avenue … this city is just a treasure trove of FREE tourist attractions. You’ve picked a perfect place to have a cheap vacation!

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