Where's Margie's Money?

Friday Musings

Happy Friday! It’s been a slow work week but I’m not complaining!  Lately my job has been so deadline driven that it’s been nice to have some down time to work on miscellaneous projects. 

No plans for tonight other than to go home and fix dinner (leftover night!) and hang out with DH.

Saturday will be busy!  I need to finish a ton of laundry and clean, go to my prenatal yoga class (I ended up being able to budget the 10 class package into my monthly budget this month bringing the average cost per class down from $15 to $10.50.), and then I’m meeting up with two of my girlfriends for lunch for a much-needed gab session.  The three of us haven’t been in one room since January at least. 

Sunday DH and I will work on organizing at least one corner of the baby’s nursery.  We’ll head to Goodwill and then we might catch a movie (I purchased the $9 for two tickets through Fandango deal that was offered through Swagbucks).

Then, I need to PACK!  My flight leaves first thing Monday morning.  Sometime this weekend I also need to hit up Target for some cheap winter essentials (like gloves and tights).  I just checked weather.com and it’ll be a chilly 52 degrees on Monday!

So, that’s what’s on my mind for the weekend.  Hope everyone else out there has a good one! Cheers!


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