Where's Margie's Money?

Ramblings on Babies

I’m so excited for my girlfriend Anna and her husband.  As I mentioned in passing yesterday, their little baby girl arrived yesterday on March 2nd!

Another dear, dear friend of mine is also pregnant and also due pretty much any day now . . . with TRIPLETS!  Yup, three babies all at once.  Can you imagine?!

Anyway, we were talking about Anna and her baby and, since both of us are pregnant, musing over the transition a woman goes through from pregnancy to motherhood. It’s funny. Even though you know at the end of the nine month process you are going to have a baby, it doesn’t really hit you until he or she arrives!  For instance, I’m 18.5 weeks (which means I’m in my second trimester and have approximately another 22.5 weeks to go – ALMOST at the half way point!) and while I KNOW logically that my life is about to change dramatically, I can’t fully comprehend it. I still can’t imagine being called, “Mom” by someone!  It’s not that I never thought I’d be a mom but I guess I still picture myself as a care-free 20-something living by the seat of my pants.  Except, um, I’m not. 

The big picture is this: I’m now responsible for more than just my own welfare and happiness.  So those cute shoes at Target that are only $20?  Nope, can’t make that impulse purchase anymore.  That trip to Hawaii next summer?  Only if we start budgeting and planning for it now.  And this credit card and car loan debt?  It needs to go ASAP because I have much more important things to be doing with my money!

It’s a lot to think about and a lot to worry about . . . and I have to admit, even though my husband and I want this baby VERY much, when I first learned I was pregnant I did freak out a bit.  But now, I focus on the love and the joy . . . and I’m motivated to make good decisions by my growing family.

So seeing the photos of Anna’s newborn baby brought tears to my eyes because I could imagine what I will be thinking and feeling five months or so from now when I’m skin to skin with my baby for the first time. I know it’s going to make EVERYTHING worth it.  And I can’t wait.


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